There’s nothing like Père Labat on the rocks

I like banana, yes sir. I like caramel yes sir! I just have a crush on coconut, oh my God. I’m hooked on vanilla and I’m longing for the flavor of rocks. My rocks aren’t any rocks. I favor coconut rocks and sugar cane rocks. With Père Labat about any rock rocks. I usually have two. I move them around in circles as if my glass was a cocktail tumbler. So fresh. A glimpse of lime. My Père Labat is worth all the Wray and Nephew of The World of Rum. Père Labat is an annointed rum that makes a difference. I use it to rub my back, I use it to rub my gums. Père Labat is the best toothpaste you’ll ever get. Also good anti perspirant. This is my overproof rum. L’essayer c’est l’adopter.

Père Labat was from day one made to kill them, it was made to kill devils. Hence the name guildive.

And do you know why rhum spells with an h in French?